A new map of Sicily

Every summer the Italian environmentalist association Legambiente cruises around the Italian coastline to inspect for the health of the sea; they check the waters for traces of bacteria beyond the limits accepted by the law.
In Sicily, during the 2016 report, seventeen beaches out of twenty-five inspected were found 'highly polluted'. I travelled around Sicily to visit all the seventeen places declared as 'highly polluted' and in everyone of them I took some snap-shots using an instant camera.
I chose a camera often used to capture pleasant moment of our holidays, but in this case I captured places that could have been pleasant but they were not because of the negligence of humans(polluted sea waters are often caused by industrial waste in rivers and purification plants not working properly).
I took the photos in the exact places where Legambiente did the tests. Sometimes these places looked idyllic, but the reality was different, these waters were very contaminated.
Even if in these beaches there was a bathing prohibition, often I could see people bathing or fishing nearby.
I chose snap-shots that were not direct, preferring a subtle image.

These photos look as harmless holiday shots, but the truth is beneath, the truth is in that waters depicted in the images, the truth sometimes is almost invisible to the eye.


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